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Information Penitentes

Information Vallecitos

It is located in the department of Lujan de Cuyo, Northern Province, at the foot of the Silver Cord and 80 km from the city of Mendoza. Accessed through the international route and variant from Vallecitos Potrerillos. Ver más

The Puquio

Just 180 kms. away from the city of Mendoza, on the north side of Route No. International. 7 that links Mendoza with Santiago de Chile, between the towns of Los Penitentes and Puente del Inca and against Andean Cemetery lying on the Aconcagua. Ver más

High Mountain

The beauty of the Andes in Mendoza has its maximum expression. Places as impressive, historic and beautiful make this trip an unforgettable experience. Ver más

Ser_O Bed & Breakfast

Av los Condores 707 Lujan, Potrerillos

Bed and breakfast Ser_o meters from Dam Potrerillos. With the best services to make your stay unique! Ser_o is your best option to know the mountain cheaply! Ver más

Hostel Simplemente Mendoza

Simply Mendoza Hostel was renamed by some French visitors during a visit as "Auberge", that really defines the type of accommodation on offer here, with the warmth of the staff, friendly service and personalized attention. Ver más

Hostel Empedrado

Patricias Mendocinas 1959 Ciudad de Mendoza.

Stoned A thematic Hostel Hostel located in the city of Mendoza, one of the eight wine capitals, as such talks are conducted wine-specific activities to meet the unconventional world of wine and the people working in the. Ver más

Cabañas Villa Bonita

Villa 25 de Mayo

Cabañas Villa Bonita has a warm and welcoming charm that tourists seek in all seasons. The complex is located in the heart of Canyon Villa Diamante on May 25 Ver más

Break Point

Arístides Villanueva 241. Mendoza. Argentina

We are one of the more traditional Hostels Mendoza, located in the heart of Aristides Villanueva Street, one of the most visited by young people, surrounded by bars, restaurants and fashion shops. We have our own lounge bar, terrace pool, lar... Ver más

Hotel de Uspallata

Ruta 7 km 1149, Uspallata Mendoza

One of the most impressive valleys of the Cordillera Mendoza welcomes an excellent alternative to experience the charms of this land. GRAND HOTEL Uspallata 100 km. the city of Mendoza, is a classic hotel that for decades the local services of... Ver más