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It gives us the beauty of the mountains enhanced by two major rivers that cross the Rio Mendoza and Rio Blanco, streams montañay jumps.

Potrerillos Valley is located 65 km from the city of Mendoza. Between the pre and the Silver Cord. Due to its cercaníaa the city in few minutes we can be immersed in a mountain landscape of excellence. It gives us the beauty of the mountains enhanced by two major rivers that cross the Rio Mendoza and Rio Blanco, streams montañay jumps.
Area traditionally used for relaxation or weekend, a longer stay or just a picnic. Why are large numbers of rooms, variety of campsites, Hotel Potrerillos from which we can appreciate the landscape of an extraordinary and immensity of the mountain, plus get excellent service and amenities.

The Civic Center Valley Potrerillos offers supply, service station, restaurants, a picturesque church, the regional school.
At any time we can appreciate the flora of high mountains, great variety of birds, with huge walls, hills, streams and reservoirs arqueológicos.Un ideal place for adventure tourism gives us the chance to go rafting, climbing , paragliding, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking among the most varied range of opportunities.
We can not fail to mention the construction of the Embalse Presa Potrerillos, quees undoubtedly the most important project on área.El main purpose of this is the regulation of flows of the Rio Mendoza to improve the provision of drinking water and hydroelectric power. The lake is located 1381 meters above sea level, at approximately 12 km long by 3km. wide, a maximum depth of 140 meters with a total area of 1,300 hectares.

Perilago find in tourist-recreational areas, urban services, areas suitable for construction of five-star hotel, an area of special restrictions to form a nature reserve and research. Currently living in about 300 people in the Village of Potrerillos and 1000 in the area of influence.

The lake will provide us with great tourism potential, plus a heavenly landscape between mountains. We will find the edge of this stretch of water clubs, sports equipment, services, accommodation, adventure tourism, shipping, at this point include the prohibition of motorboats to avoid water pollution.
Today the lake is in its second phase of filling, so the conditions of risk that this creates is not permitted access to perilago.
The importance of the ancient valley as a route for more than 4000 years since the Incas used it in the transit counterpart, in the fifteenth century Spaniards also took these routes, the subsequent arrival of rail and in the 60s the construction of the Cristo Redentor tunnel caused the increase of traffic to and from the Pacific, now a focal point for Mercosur.

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