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San Carlos

It is located 100 km from the city of Mendoza, has a total area of 11,578 and a population of approximately 26,600 inhabitants.
Area of large ranches and cultivated fields that give the landscape and colorful diversity.
We can follow the routes of the Ejercito Libertador del Portillo Step by or subject to the Laguna del Diamante and Maipo Volcano.
Here are the Fort de la Villa de San Carlos installed in 1770 to protect indigenous malone and the encounter took place between General San Martiny Ñacuñan the chief, where the latter lend her support to the campaign liberating.
We can enjoy the various festivities and events that have a content folkloric, religious, or are directly related to agricultural activity in the area, providing a walk through history and indigenous culture: Some of them are: Tomato Festival and Production, Fiesta Provincial Oregano, Yaucha Challenge, Posta Sanmartinian and already renowned Festival of the Tradition.
Stays in between the farmlands and the imposing mountain range can be done dressage and rural tasks: These placements offer accommodation, a variety of activities and excellent service.
In San Carlos lovers of history and nature can visit the Museo del Fuerte de San Carlos, located on the street Lencinas 319. Founded in 1982 and built on the ruins of the ancient fort of San Carlos dating from 1770, we see remnants of the old church fortíny, ceramics, indigenous fauna and local objects we relate history of the place. O Museum of Natural Science, located in the Cultural Complex on Route 40. Exhibited birds, fish, mammals and reptiles across the country.
We also find fishing streams possess great beauty and hot springs at La Salada or baths Capiz.
The villa has all the facilities necessary for a quality stay, hotels, restaurants, shopping center, banks.