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Fotos Termas Cacheuta

Termas de Cacheuta

Ruta Provincial 82 km 38, Cacheuta

In an environment of mountains and wonderful typical vegetation, irrigated by the Mendoza River, stands a beautiful complex of mineral water springs. HOTEL & SPA THERMAL Cacheuta close to Mendoza city to enjoy its many services seeking a ... Ver más


The name of the place has its roots in history, the Indian chieftain Cacheuta gathered treasures to release Atahualpa, Mr Inca, who had been captured by the enemy. Ver más

Posada Cacheuta

Ruta Provincial 82 Km. 23 Blanco Encalada

Cacheuta Inn offers cabins, apartments and loft, fully equipped for 2, 4, 6 and 8 people a few miles from Hoover Dam in an environment Potrerillos fully in harmony with nature. Ver más

Portal de Cacheuta

Domicilo Oficina: San Lorenzo 270

Quienes Somos El Portal de Cacheuta es un complejo de dos cabañas manejado por una empresa familiar que ha privilegiado la comodidad, el confort y la permanente búsqueda de mejorar todos los días. Ver más

Cabañas Coco

Ruta Panamericana km 29

Coco Cabanas located in Cacheuta offer a superior hosting service surrounded by a unique landscape with mountains as a backdrop. Ver más

Cabañas Betancourt

Ruta Panamericana Km 26 - Blanco Encalada

Cabins located in Blanco Betancourt whitewashed Cacheuta a few kilometers from the mountain and a framework has five comfortable cabins for 2, 4 or 6 people. Ver más

Cabañas Sumampa

COLONIA SUIZA - Ruta Provincial 82 -Km. 30

Sumampa cabins are located in the Swiss Colony a few miles from Cacheuta, has several options to stay as a special cabin for 8 people, a functional cabin for 4 persons and a cabin a timber for 6 people, all equipped with crockery, heating, sa... Ver más

Cabañas El Gualta

Blanco Encalada - Mendoza

Cabins located in the Blanco Encalada Gualta has 3 units in wood for 4, 5 or 6 fully equipped with tableware, directv, Heater, barbecue and pool. Ver más

Casa Franca

Ruta provincial 82, Nº 13053, Blanco Encalada

Casa Franca is your place to reconnect with nature, surrounded by magnificent mountain pasiaje a few minutes Cacheuta. With us you can find tranquility and relaxation you need. Ver más

Mountain Bike in Cerrillos

Rivadavia 225 - Ciudad de Mendoza

The adrenaline rock climbing, a place of exceptional beauty and Cacheuta, where you can learn the rudiments of climbing with all the assurances of a qualified team of people and material safety first .... Ver más

Cabaña Suiza

Ruta Provincial 82, km 29, Colonia Suiza, Cacheuta

Cabana Switzerland, in the heart of logs. Cabins in one environment (loft type) in three levels with stairs and, without separation. ... Ver más

Mountain Bike Mount

Rivadavia 225 - Ciudad de Mendoza

An experience of speed, vertigo, effort, emotion, under the mendocino Pedemonte, surrounded by the beauty of a unique environment ......... Ver más

Filo de la Virgen

Oficinas San Martín 1134 - Godoy Cruz

A program that combines a trek to a lookout where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the imposing mountains of Mendoza, with the adrenaline thrill of abseiling and rock climbing ......... .. Ver más

Climbing Course

Oficinas San Martín 1134 - Godoy Cruz

An integrated experience, which combines the unique opportunity to be part of the entire process of wine with meals only, minced a luxurious Creole and a barbecue, accompanied by the finest wines in a charming .... Ver más

The Sosneado

A place of wilderness area and is ideal for the adventure The Sosneado. Located 142 km from San Rafael, is an ideal place for mountain biking, trekking, camping and climbing higher. Ver más

Tierrasoles Hostel

Alsina 245 - San Rafael, Mendoza

Tierrasoles Hostel is located in the heart of the city of San Rafael, south of the province of Mendoza. Since Tierrasoles can enjoy the adventure tourism such as trekking, rappelling, Tyrolean Ver más